Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

You must activate your account before you can use our facilities provided throughout the campus.

The account activation details will be sent to you after you have completed your programme enrolment. 

Please check your inbox in your personal email and follow the given instruction.

Click the link stated in your email to get to the activation form and continue with the following steps to complete the activation:

  1. Enter your UTP Email ID (i.e.
  2. Enter your Personal Email address.
  3. Enter the temporary activation password.
  4. Enter your telephone number.
  5. Enter your new password.
  6. Repeat your new password.
  7. Click Activate.

You will be redirected to the activation note page if you have successfully activated your account. An email of the activation note will be sent to you as your copy as well.

Go to the main page and try to sign in to verify your new account.

If you have succesfully signed in, go to the User menu and select Account to verify that the information of your account is displayed correctly.

If you have any issue pertaining to your account, kindly get the assistance by logging your report using our UTP Unified Customer Services

If in case you have not receive the activation code to activate your new account, you may proceed to request the activation code to be sent again.

Please click HERE to request the activation code.


Click on 'Activate (For New Student)' above and then hit on the 'Resend Code' button. 


  • Please enter your Personal Email address that you have registered during the enrollment.
  • Please check in your spam or junk folder in your email as well.
  • Please allow 5 - 10 minutes after the enrollment to receive your activation code via email.
  • Should the problem still persists, kindly visit REGISTRY Department to verify your personal email address.

Go to this web portal and log in as usual.

Once logged in, click on User menu and select Password.

  1. Enter your current password.
  2. Enter your new password.
  3. Repeat your new password.
  4. Click Change.

Log out from your current session and log in again to verify your new password.

Kindly note that your password will take some time to be fully synchronised with your UTP Email account (Microsoft Outlook 365).

If you do not remember your password, you can reset your forgotten password by using our account recovery utility.

Please be advised that this recovery method will only work if your registered personal email is a valid working email and captured in our record, for the system to successfully send the recovery details to you.

Go to our landing page of this web portal. Locate and click on the Recover link inside the log in dialog box.

  1. Enter your UTP Email ID and registered Personal Email address when prompted in the dialog box.
  2. Click Submit.

Please check your inbox in your registered personal email and follow the instruction on how to recover your account.

If you're a former student (alumni) and you were unable to login or enter certain applications, there is a high possibility that your inactive account has been disabled automatically after a grace period of time.

You may try to reclaim your account using our self-service recovery.

Please click here or click on the following icon to open the form.

If you still have problem pertaining to this matter, please contact us for help.